Phone Number 239-848-8448 (+12398488448)

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Area Code:
Fort Myers
New Cingular Wireless PCS - GA
Cell Number
Time Zone:
EST (UTC-05:00 ) / EDT (UTC-04:00 )
International Number Format:

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Community report for 2398488448

0% Unknown

0 users reported this as unknown.

0% Scam

0 users reported this as scam.

0% Telemarket

0 users reported this as telemarket.

100% Harassment

1 users reported this as harassment.

0% Debt collector

0 users reported this as debt collector.

0% Spam

0 users reported this as spam.

0% Survey

0 users reported this as survey.

0% Positive

0 users reported this as positive.

Recent comments

John, 2018-04-15 20:10:09

Phone number: (239) 848-8448

Call type: Harassment

Rating: -5

I am currently having an issue with him as well. I told him he is harassing me and he is threatening me and to call cps on me. Said the only way he will calm down is to meet him and talk face to face. He is currently in the Baltimore Maryland area

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Recent comments

snail, 2018-04-23 16:30:15

Number: (610) 232-7514

Call type: Harassment

Rating: -3


jc, 2018-04-23 15:33:17

Number: (512) 827-0022

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

they offered a job opportunity!

Mich, 2018-04-23 14:02:36

Number: (740) 893-6198

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Definitely a scam! Beware!

Aïchatou B.-K, 2018-04-23 10:18:08

Number: (347) 989-3088

Call type: Positive

Rating: 5

Around the world we never found a human like mr Friedrich A. Dirkmann from germany, never!

Thank you very much mr dirkmann

Mr. Golf, 2018-04-23 10:17:09

Number: (850) 610-7636

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

This number which shows "Unknown Name" calls everyday at about noon and about 6:00 p.m. Never leaves a message so is probably either a scam or a telemarketer.

Charles, 2018-04-23 09:57:32

Number: (501) 207-0570

Call type: Unknown

Rating: 0

Missed call. I was trying to find out if anyone else had reported it.

Shawn, 2018-04-23 09:46:38

Number: (919) 551-2802

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Got a text saying my Wells Fargo account has been frozen
Problem I don't bank with Wells Fargo
Can we say scammer

PJ, 2018-04-23 09:37:14

Number: (206) 400-2833

Call type: Unknown

Rating: -1

Called while I was busy, didn't leave message. Not returning the call.

wb, 2018-04-23 08:31:20

Number: (657) 214-1272

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

say they're IRS, blah blah yada yada

Hullo, 2018-04-23 08:07:31

Number: (206) 400-2833

Call type: Scam

Rating: -5

Assholes called about my credit cards, could reduce my debt. Scam call

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